Victor May – Paz, Advocate, C.P.A. & Mediator

The Office focuses on legal activities with financial and commercial aspects, while giving special attention to the different taxation issues that have to do with business transactions, in order to provide our clients with the best solutions in their business activities concerning all their needs, as follows:
  • Laws of Taxation                                                                                                      The office specializes in taxation from a civilian standpoint, including income tax, corporate tax, capital gains tax, real estate taxes, VAT, National Insurance and more. Ongoing tax advice, representation with the authorities, providing opinions and tax planning, serving requests for previous decisions as needed in order to obtain pre-ruling statement, in cases of disagreements with the Tax Authority, serving the disagreements and appeals on the decisions of the Tax Authority to the Tax Authority or to the authorized courts, serving requests of voluntary disclosure and more. The activities of the office in the taxation field is meant to reduce the unknown in regards to the expected amounts of tax and in order to save on the tax payments for the clients. 
  • Business Law - Corporation Laws                                                               Consulting and legal accompaniment in various transactions from the start and up until completion, from the point of building the business plan, and managing the negotiation, drawing up the contracts and communication agreements, considering all the commercial aspects - business and taxes. Consulting in regards to choosing the preferred method of corporation when building a business and dealing with all the different corporation documents, while enlightening the owners about the different risks and exposures, considering funding and taxation aspects and more, in order for the client to derive the very best from the method of corporation in his business activities. Creating and liquidating companies, or partnerships, selling shares or assets. Drawing up founders agreements and other documents and reporting to the Corporation Authority. Ongoing legal consulting for businesses. Rehabilitation and recovery for distressed companies, using consulting in regards to the execution of business maneuvers, for efficiency and/ or saving and lowering costs, liquidation and receivership. Representation in court in disagreements between shareholders, partners or other business disagreements.
  • Laws of Employment                                                                                              The office represents employees and employers in the Labor Courts in different proceedings that have to do with laws of employment, the office deals in the complex calculations of salary lawsuits, which includes grossing the different components of the salary and a salary that is partly made up of revenues of the employer.
  • Banking, Stock Market and Provident Funds                                                    Due to the rich experience of Victor May - Paz with the banking system, the office represents clients in claims against banks in the best way possible, based on the examination of how the bank account is managed, including checking the credit conditions and interest rates that were charged, examining the activity in the field of deposits, bonds, other investments and more. In addition the office specializes in compromise agreements between the clients and the banks.
  • Mediation and Arbitration                                                                                    The office works as a mediator and arbitrator in business and financial disagreements, from a wide business view, considering the interests of both sides and the goal is to achieve a creative solution for both opposing sides in the disagreement, while understanding, that the business owners prefer ending the disagreement between them as soon as possible and with a settlement, in order to continue the business activities and even maybe continue doing business with each other.
  • Providing Opinions in the Courthouse                                                                  ​In estimating the value of businesses, profitability calculations, bank account checks and other calculations. Victor May – Paz, Advocate, C.P.A. & Mediator, was employed for many years in various positions in one of the large banks, which included: Internal critique, credit monitoring - checking the ability of payment of different borrowers, based on the analysis of their financial data and estimating the value of their businesses, monitoring risks in trading rooms, that included analyzing activity with derivatives, such as forward and futures contracts and options in the capital market, accountant in a company that manages provident funds, financial accompaniment for construction contractors, treatment for distressed companies and more. In addition to his working as an employee, Victor started working as a freelance CPA in 1996 and from the year 2007 and onwards has been working as a freelance Advocate and CPA, consulting for companies in taxation and commercial business, including rehabilitation and recuperation of businesses, liquidation and receivership, Capital Market, employment laws and settling disagreements and arguments through mediation and arbitration. The professional expertise and rich experience of the Advocate and CPA Victor May - Paz guarantees the client a quality solution in different business deal aspects, as well as personal service, trustworthy and polite.                                                                          Professional Continued Education Programs:                                                                       Estimating company value, receivership and liquidation of companies, capital gains tax and real estate, Middle Office (derivatives in dealing rooms) at Euromoney Training in London, managing property deals, liquidations, gatherings, recuperations, bankruptcy - practicalities, Basic mediation course and a plan for trying guided mediation (the national center for mediation and disagreement settlement, of the Ministry of Law), special property deals- law and tax aspects, training arbitrators and national insurance.